Legacy By Grace


Joshua Gee


Mariana is simply the best, most knowledgeable real estate expert! She wisely suggested we offer a VA loan assumption to our listing and BOOM, we instantly received multiple offers! Mariana brought us and our property over the finish line.

I can be a bit of a handful to deal with. During our home selling process, Mariana was able to respond affirmatively to all my requests. This always led us to a “yes.” My home selling process was very unique in nature and Mariana ensured that the financing institution, the title company the buyer realtor and the buyer were all aligned to meet the objective of transferring the deed to the buyer. This process would not have occurred if it was not for Mariana’s expertise, due diligence and calm demeanor.

I would highly recommend Mariana for any real estate transaction as well as a facilitator in remodeling projects – which we engaged in with Mariana and her contractor recommendations and connections. Needless to say, my wife and I are extremely pleased we worked with Mariana!

Patty Royall


We were blessed beyond belief to sell our home with the help of Mariana Koegel, our remarkable agent.

Our 30 year old Virginia home (4 bedroom, 2.5 baths) would have sold easily at 999,995, however, Mariana and Jim (her recommended renovation supervisor) talked us into a $100k facelift.

We added a window to the upstairs sitting room and closed off the main floor study adding a closet to make 6 bedrooms. Them we remodeled the main floor power room added a shower making it a third bathroom.

The 2 upstairs bathrooms were renovated, new carpetmg for all three floors, new light fixtures inside and out, the deck was painted, the house was power washed, the outside trim and shutter was refreshed with new paint, and a sidewalk was added.

And after much gentle pleading on Mariana’s part, my husband, a word worker at heart, was talked into painting the oak kitchen cabinets – White!

Once on the market, open house was held Friday and Sunday; we got several offers and accept the offer on day 5 of $1,325,000 and closed a month later.

Things got kind of tense two days before closing as several new demands were made by the buyers agent. Mariana kept us informed and calm throughout that time and we settled without a hitch.

I am thrilled by the excitement of the new family who bought our beautiful home. I know God answered our prayers and they will live and love in their new home.

I’m sure God put Mariana in our life – she’s simply amazing and we can’t thank her enough for taking such great care of us and giving such good advice and counsel throughout the process.

Isabel polanco


Mariana and her team were very professional, maintained constant communication and were understanding to my demanding work schedule. This provided ease from the process of house hunting, allowing me to easily purchase my new home while maintaining focus on my daily work. What makes Mariana stand out is her empathy to understand and problem solving skills, as well as her unique ability to tailor her approach in order to meet your needs and goals. Her passion for real estate combined with investing strategies and goal oriented personality is demonstrated by her actions and thought process consistently. I would like to deeply thank her and her team for assisting me in this process and teaching me along the way. I would highly recommend her and her team to any aspiring investor.

Cody Wright


Mariana helped us sell our home and buy a new home in 2020. In the middle of a pandemic, which made buying and selling extremely daunting. However, she took it all in stride and was a stellar realtor for us!  She seems more like a close friend than realtor, and continues to keep in touch long after we closed on our home.  We truly appreciated her extensive knowledge and support as we navigated both the buying and selling process.  We highly recommend Mariana to anyone looking for a kind, supportive, and reliable realtor!

Melissa Gee


Working with Mariana is an absolute delight! Her professionalism, communication, attentiveness, as well as her knowledge of real estate trends are absolutely world class.

Mariana provided us advice on specific upgrades to our home that would not only increase the beauty of the home, but would also greatly increase our homes value. And boy was she right about everything!! We had no idea our home could look this beautiful!

Thanks to Mariana’s persuasive skills, she was even able to convince my husband to have our cabinets painted white! Now he absolutely loves them!

Mariana has built a great team around her. She was able to introduce us to us to several contractor teams she works with.

We were so thankful that Mariana has these connections and through her connections, we selected an amazing contractor to complete our home renovation. Our home renovation process happened on the exact time frame we were originally provided. In a world of delays, this is just incredible. The home renovation process was quick, clean, simple, painless.

The contractor even scheduled multiple crews to work on our home simultaneously to complete the project on time, as promised, and on budget.

We are so blessed to have had the experience of working with Mariana. I highly recommend her to anyone.

Katia Sadoudi


Mariana is knowledgeable, professional, an amazing communicator, and patient. Her knowledge in real estate is vast, whether you are buying your forever home, investing, or buying a vacation home she is versatile in her abilities. I highly recommend Mariana’s services, my experience could not have been more positive, effortless. I feel I have gained a life long friend in the process. My family will definitely be using her services again.

Wes Stone


Mariana was the driving force in helping get her listing on Hillendale Ave for an additional $300k above pre renovation valuation. She recommended the proper renovation investments to increase the property value and create a bidding war that netted her customers an additional $200k in cash. Fantastic job Mariana!



My wife and I used Mariana as our realtor to sell our house in Woodbridge in the winter of 2020. She also helped us buy a house in Alexandria in the spring of 2020. She went the extra mile with renovation tips when we sold the house. She engaged the neighbors and created a buzz around the house so that when the open house came, we had an overwhelming response and quickly sold the house. When we bought our current house, she engaged fully with the seller’s agent to ensure that our bid was fully considered. We were able to beat out other offers while staying at the asking price. Highly recommend for her thoroughness, work ethic, and ability to engage the public and other agents.

Stephen Parnell


Mariana is a delight to work with. Her knowledge of international real estate trends is impressive. She takes the time to really understand exactly what is in the clients best interest. I recommend her highly.

John Rubino


Mariana Koegel epitomizes true professionalism, character, passion, and quality. She is a constant force of positive energy who always gives her clients, colleagues, and business partners 100%+. I am proud to call her a business partner but more importantly I am honored to call her a friend. Do yourself a favor…reach out to her and her team for all your real estate needs. I promise you…you will be happy you did!

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