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His art is iconic, his personality, eccentric, his fashion sense, interesting, his style, unique, his showmanship, unforgettable. All primary source analysis these combined to make him an interesting human and a… William Morris collaborated with other artists so Art Nouveau was created. It has a wide range of different decorative arts, like architectural, painting, graphic

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How the Trend Toward Remote Work will Impact Real Estate Portfolios

While certain world events have encouraged more people to work from home than ever before, there’s no reason to believe that people wouldn’t have been transitioning to remote work anyway. High-speed network connections are almost ubiquitous at this point and many people carry more than enough technology in their pockets to go to work from

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Why Is Real Estate a Great Alternative to the Stock Market?

The stock market has performed unpredictably in the past several years, rising and falling in seemingly irrational ways. While some experts anticipate rising prices for years to come, others are expressing greater concerns about an economic recession. Meanwhile, average investors in the middle are feeling more confused and uncertain than ever before. It’s no surprise, then,

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MG Developer obtains $16M in financing to complete Coral Gables project

MG Developer obtained $16.15 million in equity financing to complete a luxury townhouse project in Coral Gables. The developer, through Biltmore Parc Homes, is building the 10-unit Biltmore Row and the 5-unit Althea Row at 760 Valencia Ave. and 735 Almeria Ave. It broke ground in February and work is ongoing. The new financing will

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Jacksonville’s residential sector is a bright spot —but what will the future bring?

Despite several negative economic indicators for Florida’s economy, Jacksonville’s residential real estate market is still a bright spot during the coronavirus-related slump. Although Florida has been severely impacted by Covid-19 — either directly through the amount of cases or in lost economic activity — specifically in the tourism industry, the issues have not yet begun

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